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Scottish RPGs (sort of…)

You may have noticed that Scotland has been in the news recently (to say the least). And that’s all the excuse I needed to produce a list of Scottish-themed RPG books…

SONY DSCThe Ghost Tower of Inverness

This 1st edition AD&D adventure doesn’t actually have anything to do with Scotland, but the author seems to have selected the site of the Ghost Tower by throwing a dart at a map of the Highlands…



Celts Campaign Sourcebook

Not all inhabitants of Scotland were or are Celtic, and certainly not all Celts are Scottish, but including this 2nd edition AD&D historical supplement seems fair.


SONY DSCHowls in the Night

Can you think of another AD&D adventure with a tam’o’shanter on the cover? Well, can you?




Since we’ve already established that not all of the inhabitants of Scotland were Celts, we can say that some of them (especially in the north and on the islands) were Vikings. So I can include this other AD&D historical reference.


SONY DSCA Game of Thrones RPG / A Song of Ice and Fire RPG

George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series depicts a civilised land separated from wild red-haired barbarians in the cold north by a big wall running from west to east. England on the other hand is…well, you get the idea. (Joke…joke…)


SONY DSCThe Pit of Loch Durnan and The Witch of Loch Durnan

3rd edition D&D adventures with the word ‘Loch’ in the title. Oh come on, that totally counts…



SONY DSCReavers’ Deep Sector Sourcebook

Traveller supplement detailing the Reavers’ Deep Sector (reavers – like the border reavers) and its largest human government the Principality of Caledon. Caledon, Caledonia, you see?


SONY DSCLion of the North

Scottish sourcebook for Ars Magica.



SONY DSCJames Bond 007 RPG

Scotland’s most famous spy (yes he was Scottish – read the books), most notably played by Scotland’s most famous actor.


SONY DSCDoctor Who – Time Lord RPG

Published when Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor, and he’s definitely Scottish. So is Peter Capaldi for that matter.



Star Trek RPG

You get to play a Scotsman called, wait for it…’Scotty’. ‘McCoy’ is a Scottish name too.




Beyond the Wall

Scottish and Pictish sourcebook for Pendragon.


SLA Industries

Cyberpunky RPG that was made by Scotland’s own Nightfall Games.


SONY DSCNight City Stories

Excellent supplement for Cyberpunk that was written by a group based in Edinburgh.




Cthulhu Britannica – Shadows over Scotland

Call of Cthulhu supplement about Scotland. As you’d expect from the title.


SONY DSCThe Works of Shakespeare

Unusual d20 sourcebook that lets you run four Shakespeare plays as adventures, including Macb…THE SCOTTISH ADVENTURE. (It’s bad luck for roleplayers to say the name before a session. You’ll roll 1s all night.)